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Rare MetalSource stocks over 8,000 items of ingot, billet, bar, and plate products. Our goal is not to stock every grade and size, but to stock a relatively narrow product mix and to constantly fine tune our inventory to meet the needs of our customers. Due to constant changes and our unique conversion options (forging, rolling, drawing, etc.), we do not publish a stock list. Instead, we provide a detail of our capabilities and a list of grades we stock.

The following products are listed by Grade, UNS, and available specifications:

PH 13-8 Mo UNS S13800 Specs: AMS-5629, AMS-5864, DMS-2100, ASTM-A-564 Grade XM-13
15-5 PH UNS S15500 Specs: AMS-5659, AMS-5862, ASTM-A-564 Grade XM-12, BMS-7-240
15-7 Mo UNS S15700 Specs: AMS-5520, AMS-5657
17-4 PH AIR MELT UNS S17400 Specs: AMS-5604, AMS-5643, ASTM-A-564 Type 630, ASTM-A-693 Type 630
17-4 PH VAC MELT UNS S17400 Specs: AMS-5622, BMS-7-239
17-7 PH UNS S17700 Specs: AMS-5528, AMS-5644, ASTM-A-564 Type 631, ASTM-A-693 Type 631, MIL-S-25043
321 AIR MELT UNS S32100 Specs: AMS-5510, AMS-5645, ASTM-A-240, ASTM-A-276, QQS-763
321 VAC MELT UNS S32100 Specs: 5-06020
347 AIR MELT UNS S34700 Specs: AMS-5512, AMS-5646, ASTM-A-240, ASTM-A-276, QQS-763
347 VAC MELT UNS S34700 Specs: AMS-5654
410 AIR MELT UNS S41000 Specs: AMS-5504, AMS-5612, AMS-5613, ASTM-A-276
410 VAC MELT UNS S41000 Specs: AMS-5611
418 GREEK ASCOLOY UNS S41800 Specs: AMS-5616
AM-355 UNS S35500 Specs: AMS-5743, AMS-5744
Custom 450 UNS S45000 Specs: AMS-5763, AMS-5773, ASTM-A-564 Grade XM-25
Custom 455 UNS S45500 Specs: AMS-5617, ASTM-A-564 Grade XM-16
Custom 465 UNS S46500 Specs: AMS-5936, ASTM-A-564, BMS-7-364
Jethete M152 UNS S64152 Specs: AMS-5719

The following products are listed by Grade, UNS, and available specifications:

17-22A UNS K14675 Specs: AMS-6304, AMS-6305
17-22A(S) UNS K23015 Specs: AMS-6302
4130 UNS G41300 Specs: AMS-6345, AMS-6348, AMS-6350, AMS-6370, AMS-S-6758, ATM-A-322, MIL-S-18729
4140 UNS G41400 Specs: AMS-6382, AMS-S-5626
4330 MOD VAC MELT UNS K23080 Specs: AMS-6411, AMS-6427, BMS-7-122, BMS-7-27, GM-1010, MIL-S-8899
4340 AIR MELT UNS G43400 Specs: AMS-6359, AMS-6409, AMS-6415, AMS-S-5000, ASTM-A-322, DMS-1555
4340 VAC MELT UNS G43400 Specs: AMS-6414, BMS-7-26, BMS-7-28, BPS-299-947-055, MIL-S-8844
4340 MOD VAC MELT (300M) UNS K44220 Specs: AMS-6257, AMS-6417, AMS-6419, BMS-7-26, DMS-1935, GM-1012
52100 VAC MELT UNS G52986 Specs: AMS-6444
9-4-20 HP VAC MELT UNS K91472 Specs: AMS-6525, BMS-7-182, LBO-160-180, MMS-2101, STO-160-LBO-002
9-4-30 HP VAC MELT UNS K91283 Specs: AMS-5626, BMS-7-182, EMS-96247, MMS-2102, STO-160-LBO-012
9310 VAC MELT UNS G93106 Specs: AMS-6260, AMS-6265, EMS-56279, EMS-56280
D6AC VAC MELT UNS K24728 Specs: AMS-6431, FMS-1011, GM-1013, MIL-S-8949
H-11 VAC MELT UNS T20811 Specs: AMS-6487
HY-TUF VAC MELT UNS K32550 Specs: AMS-6418, AMS-6425, DMS-1841, MIL-S-7108
M-50 VAC MELT/DOUBLE VAC MELT UNS T11350 Specs: AMS-6490, AMS-6491
M-50 NIL UNS K91231 Specs: AMS-6278, B50TF211
NITRIDING 135-MOD AIR MELT UNS K24065 Specs: AMS-6470, AMS-6472, MIL-S-6709
NITRIDING 135-MOD VAC MELT UNS K24065 Specs: AMS-6471, BPS-299-94-036
NITRIDING N VAC MELT UNS K52355 Specs: AMS-6475, BPS-299-947-042

The following products are listed by Grade, UNS, and available specifications:

A-286 UNS S66286 Specs: AMS-5525, AMS-5731, AMS-5732, AMS-5734, AMS-5737, AMS-5853, ASTM-A-638 Grade 660
HASTELLOY N UNS N10003 Specs: AMS-5771
HASTELLOY S UNS N06635 Specs: AMS-5711
HASTELLOY X UNS N06002 Specs: AMS-5536, AMS-5754, B50TF31
L-605 (ALLOY 25) UNS R30605 Specs: AMS-5759, EMS-55457, GPS-2051, MCS-1031, MIL-C-24252
MARAGING 200 UNS K92810 Specs: MIL-S-46850
MARAGING 250 UNS K92890 Specs: AMS-6512, MIL-S-46850
MARAGING 300 UNS K93120 Specs: AM-6514, MIL-S-46850
MARAGING 350 UNS K93540 Specs: AMS-6515, MIL-S-46850
NI 230 UNS N06230 Specs: AMS-5878, AMS-5891, ASTM-B-572, EMS-55474, PWA-1127
NI 625 UNS N06625 Specs: AMS-5599, AMS-5666, ASTM-B-443, ASTM-B-446, MBO-170-070
NI 718 UNS N07718 Specs: AMS-5662, AMS-5663, AMS-5664, AMS-5596, AMS-5597, AMS-5962, ASTM-B-637, B50TF14, B50TF15, B50TF213, EMS-55446, MBO-170-071, MBO-170-074, MBO-170-075, MBO-170-076, MCS-1033, PWA-1085, RBO-170-153, RBO-170-154, SPS-M-637
NI 901 UNS N09901 Specs: AMS-5660, AMS-5661, B50A305, PWA-1003
NI 903 UNS N19903 Specs: B50TF151, MCS-1044, RBO-170-186, RBO-170-196
NI 909 UNS N19909 Specs: AMS-5884, AMS-5893, C50TF95
NI 919 UNS  Specs: PWA-1197
NI 925 UNS N09925 Specs: FMC-M41103
WASPALOY UNS N07001 Specs: AMS-5706, AMS-5707, AMS-5708, CPW-203, SPS-M-175

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Forms Bar, Billet, Forgings, Hollowbar, Plate, Rod Coil
Shapes Hex, Rectangle, Round, Square
Processing Drawing, Forging, Grinding, Heat Treating, Rolling, Sandblasting, Sawing, Straightening, Trepanning


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